Monday, May 20, 2013


DIS-012 has finally been released, and comes in the form of an amazing album from Il artist Jeff Milam, 1/2 of the band Battleship. This album should appeal to fans of Keith Fullerton Whitman, Autechre and Rene Hell. Pick up and experience what will hands down be the experimental record of the year. What a honor it is to release this!

Next up for Dismantle Records:

THE RITA/WORKER split LP-co released with Absurd Exposition

AGATHOCLES/IRON BUTTER split 7 inch - co released wit Haunted Hotel and Pickledick Records

PAUCITIES/SRAM-split 7 inch, co released with D/A/S and Acid Redux

current playlist:
Bruce Dickinson-Chemical Wedding

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


After a rejected test press, and delayed record jackets, DIS-08 is finally out. Men As Witches have been destroying it live for a while now in Chicago, and I have had the pleasure to get to know these two guys very well while working on this 7 inch with them.

3 crushing tracks, which remind me of the powerviolence formula of switching from insanely fast to agonizing slow at the drop of a dime, but this does not attempt to be a cheap imitation of those classic California bands. This is much more darker and fucked up.

7 inch comes on screenprinted thick black paper and fold out poster. Co released with Witch Bukkake Records and Lupus.

The  MT Coast LP will be up for orders next week as well, and the Rita/Worker split LP should be out soon as well!

Playlist for assembling orders:

Napalm Death-BBC Sessions
Extreme Noise Terror- BBC Sessions
Syphilitic Vaginas-s/t LP on repeat
Mala- BBC Essential Mix